Stana Katic - "Vanity Fair Italia" September 24 issue

beckett at the scene of the crash in 7.01

You’re alive…


Booth Becomes A Target from “The Conspiracy In The Corpse| BONES

1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 18
Castle 6x18 The Way of the Ninja

‘Castle’ Season 7 Alternate Reality Episode: What If...



I think I have been looking forward to this for a 100 years…

Fuck yes finally



is it just me or is that Caskett cuddling on the bed??

Yup! She has her head on his chest. I feel this season’s gonna kill us with feels…

Kate Beckett.


Oh mY goD episode 6 is gonna be an AU episode that will ask “what if Castle and Beckett had never met?”



'It's different voicing a character versus actually acting and performing a character on screen. The only tool that you have to act is your voice.' - Stana Katic

Stana Katic and Placido Domingo throughout the years. 


My edit for Stana’s little contest thing.

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Bones Season 10 (x)

So over the last 3 seasons of the show…how many kisses have we seen between these two? Too many to count…yet this? This is new, if you get what I’m saying?